Carefully Consider All Words And Actions As If They Were The Most Delicate Pieces Of Glass

Carefully Consider All Words And Actions As If They Were The Most Delicate Pieces Of Glass

We live in a very small world where we are all interconnected through advancements in technology. There are many benefits to being so connected with the world, but living in a society where our thoughts, words, and actions are all exposed to the outside world can also be quite challenging. You will find yourself constantly being judged by those that you know as well as by complete strangers online. The pressure of being judged might be painful to most and especially to young people. At such times, remember that it is impossible to please everyone.

Even an enlightened being such as the Buddha, who was endowed with all the good qualities and who had abandoned all negativity, could not please everyone. The Buddha had to endure the criticisms of many non-believers and even had to tolerate the jealousy of Devadatta, his own cousin. So even if you try your very best, it is impossible to please everyone completely. However, since we have to live within society's norms, it is best if you can learn to live in harmony with those around you by respecting their cultures, traditions, and values.” “We should always weigh our words and actions very carefully. If you examine your words and actions and differentiate the pros and cons of every action, you will make the right decisions based upon what is most beneficial not just for oneself but also for others. If you have to make a moral choice between what benefits you more or what benefits others more, then hopefully, you will choose to do what benefits others more. Choosing oneself over others maybe satisfying temporarily, but choosing to benefit others over oneself will be far more gratifying and rewarding in the end.

As Sakya Pandita (1182~1251) said in the Treasury of Good Sayings:

“Know the difference between wise people and fools: The wise investigate a situation carefully Before taking action on what needs to be done; A fool's approach is to act before thinking”.

So as Sakya Pandita said, a wise person will examine everything before taking action, while a foolish person will act in haste and live to regret it. So examine every situation thoroughly before taking any action. However, even with the greatest of care and the best of motivations, there will still be those who will find cause to criticize you. But, if you have carefully weighed the rightness or wrongness of your actions, then you will have no cause to be hurt from the harsh criticisms of others. You will have the confidence of having made the right decisions after careful consideration. Therefore, you will have no regrets in your words and actions.

~ Khöndung Asanga Vajra
(artwork by Khöndung Asanga Vajra)